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The D2™ uses four modes for assessment, intervention and training routines.

  • Proactive – Lights stay on until user hits them.
  • Reactive – Lights move at pre-set speeds to add challenge.
  • Scan – Lights move on light board to exercise saccadic pursuit and eye muscles.
  • Reaction Test –Baseline tests for both visual and motor reaction in 6 unique ways.

Data Management

Track progress with objective quantitative data reporting that measures:

  • Target hit rate and reaction time scores
  • Extensive graphs and charts for each quadrant and ring
  • Text reports for print and PDF export
  • Detail for each target showing visual deficit areas

Individualized training and treatment

Cutting edge technology, design and software facilitates customization for:

  • 4 quadrants of light targets
  • 5 rings of lights from the direct to peripheral visual fields
  • Light speed and color (red or green)
  • Percentage of green or red lights used
  • Light Board height adjustment

The D2™ Difference

  • FDA Cleared device incorporating independent research findings
  • T-Scope with numbers, letters, words, scrolling text, math and icons
  • 4’ x 4’ shape of the D2™ tests the entire visual field, unlike rectangular devices
  • Raised, tactile targets (no flat screen) for a realistic user experience

Training, independent research and protocol development are all on-going