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Nutrition-Fitness and Training Services


Wellness Coaching

80% of your success towards reaching your goals in wellness depends on how you approach you meal prep.  Coaching involves a detailed health and nutrition history  and based on your needs and goals we will coach you to your ultimate wellness plan.  Topics covered include kitchen makeovers, food sensitivities and intolerances, medical recovery therapy,  eating for recovery from exercise.  Please email Jill@68insidesports.com for more information.


Strive Weight Loss Program

Strive Weight Loss is a metabolic fitness training program resulting in a balanced metabolism and permanent weight loss. This program teaches how to reverse metabolic damage and weight loss resistance to see fast results. Learn how to get hunger and cravings under control and gain desired energy. Metabolic circuit training small group workouts with professional personal trainers are combined with individualized nutrition programs to create optimal health.

Body Composition & Circumference – Tanita Scale
Your body is made up of water, fat, protein, carbohydrate and various vitamins and minerals. If you have too much fat, especially if a lot of it is at your waist, you’re at higher risk for such health problems as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. At 68’s Inside Sports, we provide tests to distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle. Basically, these numbers show you what a scale cannot. Studies show that a typical person today will steadily lose muscle and gain fat starting at the age of 20. We can determine if you are in a healthy range for your age, height and weight and if necessary, can integrate a program which produces beneficial results from the inside out. Jill@68insidesports.com


Fitness Assessments
Fitness testing includes a series of measurements that help determine the health status and physical fitness of an individual. These tests are often the starting point for designing an appropriate exercise program, one that fits your individual needs. These specific tests include Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular fitness, Upper and Lower Body Strength and Flexibility. Once completed, our trainers can establish an appropriate fitness regimen that identifies your goals relative to your current health conditions, risks or limitations. Fitness testing is an excellent method for tracking progress and evaluating program success.
Program Design
If you are a person who is self motivated and just looking for a new workout, or  a person who has hit a plateau and just want to improve your current routine without working with a trainer, we can help.  Our trainers can listen to your needs and design a fitness program to help you work toward your goals. You will get a written exercise plan and demonstration if needed and you can workout with it on your own.
Training Services
Whether you are new to exercise, have a special condition that needs more professional attention, or just need help meeting your goals, we have a personal training service for you. Our Certified Personal Trainers can design and implement a program to meet  all your fitness needs.  Training packages come in a variety of different plans to meet your budget.  See the Private, Couples, & Group Training and  Specialty Training  for more information about personal training.


One-On-One Private Training
We understand that every body and every individual has different needs, and we want to help meet yours. Private training is just that, one client, one trainer, one goal. We will work with you and your schedule to create fun & progressive workouts which inspire you to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. We will teach you all of the components of a successful fitness program including Cardiovascular and Strength Training, Balance, Nutrition and Flexibility.

30 Minute One-On-One Training
Can’t find time to exercise? Try our 30-minute personalized workouts that get you in and out in no time. These workouts will leave you feeling energized and ready to get back to the rest of your day with greater focus & less stress.

Couples Training
All of the benefits of private training, just add a friend!

Group Training
Cost effective and fun, group training brings the social side to your workout! Achieve your fitness goals alongside your family, friends, co-workers and fellow members. This training environment provides accountability, encouragement, education, safety and social support. If you have been needing motivation, this will lead you to the success you’ve been looking for.  Join a current group or you can create your own. Establish a group of 3 or more individuals, find a time that works and one of our certified trainers will be there to help you meet your goals.

“Will To Do It” Training
” Will To Do It” is our most cost effective &  efficient training program.  This unique program combines small group personal training with a fitness club all access pass.  Get 8 group sessions with a personal trainer per month, all of 68’s fitness club amenities, plus over 60 Group Fitness & Boxing classes!

68’s to Your Gate “Corporate Wellness”
If our location is not convenient, we can bring the training to you. Our trainers can bring some of our training services to your gate.

Military, Police, and Fireman Training
These jobs require incredible amounts of strength, power, and endurance with the necessity for a solid training program. We take pride in training our service men and women at 68’s – offering incredible rates and hard core training with all the latest techniques and equipment.

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