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By Peter Mitchell

Stamina refers to your body’s ability to endure extended periods of exercise. You can build stamina riding a bike if you combine longer ride sessions with set training programs and some lifestyle changes. The aim isn’t necessarily to improve your leg power. Instead, you need to make your body used to drawing on energy stores for a long time without getting too fatigued. It may take time to increase your stamina by riding your bike several hours per week.

Step 1
Create a realistic target for your stamina and cycling fitness. For example, decide if you’re aiming to comfortably cycle 20 miles without feeling fatigued or if you want to push harder and train for serious competition. This will determine how much you should cycle per week and how intense your workouts should be.

Step 2
Increase the length of your bike rides over time. For example, if you cycle 25 miles one week try and push the total distance up to 30 miles the following week. Aim to increase your distance and speed by around 10 percent each week if you’re training for a race or a challenging goal, according to Martina Navratilova writing on the American Association of Retired Persons website.