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Speed & Agility & Vertimax

68’s Sports training Development packages
68’s Inside Sports Academy takes each athlete to a new level of physical and mental conditioning leading to better performance on and off the field or court. Whether your sport is football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, LaCrosse or Track & Field, our academy produces physical and mental champions!

Improve Strength, Speed, Cardiovascular Capacity, Flexibility, Power and more. This cutting edge training includes special equipment and drills to challenge core strength and physical stamina. In addition to the physical challenges, our Pure Steel training also includes an often neglected, but highly important training for the visual piece of athletics. Training the visual system with our Pure Vision program will improve reaction time, peripheral awareness and the ability to make quick decisions under stress.

Program Overview:
Agility: (Increase mobility, foot speed and lateral movement technique)
• Develop lower body mobility to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the hip, knee, and ankle joints.
• Increase change of direction speed and quickness (separation and closing speed)

Vertimax @68’s: (Improve jumping/landing technique and explosiveness)

• Increase vertical explosiveness, power, and jumping ability
• Improve joint stability and mobility to reduce the potential for injury


Speed and Reaction: (improve total body power and muscle endurance)

  • Reactive agility may be the most underrated and underused training method for athletes. Recent studies have shown that the best athletes have better reactive agility. One study found that an athlete’s reactive agility was the only significant factor determining performance. (1) It is the decision-making aspect, and the reaction to an external cue, in these drills that make them so beneficial. Incorporating these drills into your program will improve play on the field or court by helping the athlete react faster and anticipate the next move of the opponent.

• Increase cardiovascular levels for durability
• Decrease recovery time and lactic acid build-up in the legs
• Maintain a high level of speed for the duration of the competitionsports performance2


Registration and Contact Information
Class Times
Classes are offered at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm. Classes run 60 minutes and are offered Monday through Thursday throughout the year. Classes are designed to have one trainer per 7 athletes for classes running from August to May. During the Summer months look for specials and early class times.

Cost 13 years old and up

For 3+days per per week-$208 per month
For 2 days per week – $178 per month

Cost 8 to 12 years old

For 3+days per week -$108 per month

For 1 day a week-$68 per month

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