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Pure Vision- Concussion Management


Concussion management with Dynavision D2
Dynavision D2 is helping to improve the “Return to Play” decisions being made by neurologists and coaches. The D2 is an important tool in helping to determine whether an athlete who has suffered from a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is ready to go back in the game. It is superior to the standard ImPACT test, that is commonly used, in many ways. Most importantly it tests the gross motor response to the stimulus and requires bilateral movement as well as a standing position where balance can be evaluated. To schedule a baseline test or for further explanation on the benefits of using D2 to evaluate and manage concussions email info@68insidesports.com.

Baseline Test Pricing:
Individuals— $15.00
Teams 10 or more receive baseline for $5.00 per person
Post Concussion Evaluation Test Pricing: $20.00

Why Pure Vision training?
In the competitive world of sports, elite athletes are constantly striving to develop their skills to become faster, smarter, stronger. Having the edge on your competition can be all the difference between winning and losing. Enhancing human performance has gained considerable attention in the past 20 years. Athletics has been the most popular sector in our society that has studied and searched for this competitive edge. Training programs may range from physical conditioning to sport specific related skills – but little attention is ever given to train an athlete’s visual system. The fact is, vision is the critical mechanism controlling an athlete’s performance.

How does Pure Vision Training work?
The athlete will train 2-3 times per week for about 15 minutes on the Dynavision D2, and other visual enhancing apparatus. The Dynavision D2 is an FDA cleared medical device with a long history concerning sports performance with its roots in medical neuro visual rehabilitation. The D2 is a light board with a vast array of programming to challenge an athlete’s ability to use their peripheral vision to identify what lights are lit and then challenge their reaction speed and coordination to physically reach out and press the button that turns the light off. As the athlete’s skills develop, D2 programming capabilities can increase stress levels to continually challenge and develop better concentration and decision making. Combining this vision training with physical conditioning such as our Pure Steel program puts the whole package to work in unison and creates a faster, stronger, smarter athlete.

8  Vision training Sessions per month: $68.00

Proven Results

In addition to the vast amount of data touting the successes of the D2 in the medical world, recent studies have brought light to its effectiveness in regard to sports. In a study with the University of Cincinnati’s baseball team, the team improved their overall batting average from one year to the next by 10% in all areas by training with the D2. Dr. Al Wile, director of the Sports Vision Enhancement Training at the United States Air Force Academy, reports huge improvements in his athletes’ and Cadets’ performance not only on the field of play, but also on the battle training fields.

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