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volleyball1Volleyball clinics are designed to teach the basic skills of volleyball to all players.  The players will work on their passing, setting, serving and court spacing.   Clinics run July through August for a 5 week session that meets for 60 minutes once a week.  All-star clinic meets twice a week for 1 ½ hours each session.

Summer 2017 Clinics

  • Rookie                  Ages 5-8 or K-2nd grade
  • Pro-Style              Ages 8-11 or 3rd-5th grade
  • All-star                 Ages 11-14 or 6th-8th grade

All-Star Volleyball Clinic

Volleyball: All Star Clinic (Ages 11-13)

Players in this clinic will be focusing on fundamental skills that they will use during volleyball tryouts.  Passing, setting, blocking, hitting and serving.  Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. For more information email info@68insidesports.com.

10 – 90 min. lessons – $200

68’s Fitness Facility    7/11     T,Th 7 pm
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New Volleyball Camp           

9-13 age group          (3rd-8thgrade)               

Come join us for a morning volleyball camp at 68’s.

Come learn the fundamentals of volleyball in a fun and

non-competitive atmosphere. Learn to bump, set and

spike your way into the volleyball season.

For more information email info@68insidesports.com

Dates: July 24-27

Time: 8am -11am

Cost: $100.00

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In addition to these great clinics and camps, we offer Sports Performance – Speed & Agility, Strength & Conditioning for Volleyball players to improve their athletic performance.

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Vertimax @68’s

VertiMax provides the most advanced jump training and speed training system in the world. With the ability to load the legs and arm swing while jumping and the waist and feet while performing defensive drills, we’ll tap into vertical performance and speed your players never knew they had. The biggest increases you’ll see in competition are your player’s hitting, blocking and digging percentages.


For more information email info@68insidesports.com