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Swim Program All Year Long

We offer swimming lessons year round for beginner to accomplished swimmers, and for both children and adults.  Private, semi-private and group lessons are available.  Families love our experienced instructors and our small class sizes.  We follow all Red Cross guidelines for our swim lessons.
Tot and Adv Tot classes have a 1:4 teacher/student ratio
Level 1- Level 5 classes have a 1:5 teacher/studentSeptember – May classes meet one day a week for either 6 weeks for a 40 minute lesson or 7 weeks for a 35 minute lesson.  Summer classes are 30 minutes in length and run Monday – Thursday for two weeks.  Weekend lessons during the summer are also available and meet weekly for 7 weeks for a 35 minute lesson.














Click Here for document to help you choose the correct swim level

Swim Sessions

Fall – Begins after Labor Day
Winter I – Begins mid October
Winter II – Begins after New Year’s
Winter III – Begins mid February
Spring – Begins early April
Summer I – Begins first Monday after Memorial Day
Summer II – Begins 3rd Monday in June
Summer III – Begins Monday after July 4th
Summer IV – Begins mid July
Summer weekend – Begins early June


Adult Swim Opportunities
We offer both beginning and adult swimming lessons.  For anyone interested in swimming for fitness we offer a Master Swim/Swim Fit classes. Master Swim program is the place for you.

Master Swim/Swim Fit 7 week sessions – $50 for 1x/week, $68 for 2x/week, $88 3x/week
$25 for 30 min. private swim lesson (sold in packages of 4)
$39 for 30 min. semi-private swim lesson (sold in packages of 4)
$15 Family Fun Swim/Public Drop-in
Fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable

Registration We have 4 easy ways to register.
1.  Phone: (913) 888-9247
2.  Walk in: 11301 W. 88th Street, Overland Park, KS
3.  Register online by clicking on the “Program Registration Here” tab on the home page and scrolling down to the Swim Sessions

4. Click Here

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Class Descriptions
When deciding what class to enroll yourself or your child, we suggest starting with the last level you or your child completed.  If you haven’t taken lessons before or if itsw2 has been a long time, please review the class descriptions to determine the best class for you or your child. Class placement should be based on skill level rather than age.  Ages provided are just a guideline.
Par/tot (6 months – 3yrs.)
Child and parent are in the water.  This class is designed to get the child used to the water.  Will work on kicking, floating, reaching for toys and water safety. We will also sing songs and play games. Is your child at least 3yrs. old and can follow instructions given by the instructor?  If the answer is YES, place the child in the TOT class without parent.

Tot (3-5 yrs.)
For children just learning to explore the water.  Swim skills introduced include floating, kicking, reaching for toys and water safety.
Will your child put his/her head under the water willingly?  If the answer is YES, place the child in ADV TOT class.

Advanced Tot (4-6 yrs.)

sw3For young children with some experience in water.  swim skills include floating on front/back, learning a straight leg kick,  reaching arms in forward motion, and water safety. Can your child float unsupported on their tummy and back for 10 seconds?  If YES, place them in LEVEL 1.    

Level 1 (5-7 yrs.)
For those kids/swimmers that have had swim lessons/water experience.  Swim skills include gliding on front/back, straight leg kick, introduction to freestyle, introduction to backstroke.  Can your child do a front/back glide and reach with arms out of water? If the answer is YES, place them in LEVEL 2.

Level 2 (6-8 yrs.)
For swimmers starting to swim independently. Swim skills include freestyle, introduction to Bilateral breathing, backstroke, and water safety. Can your child swim the freestyle (reach their arm all the way out of the water and kick with straight legs) without bilateral breathing?  If the answer is YES, place in LEVEL 3.

Level 3 (6-8 yrs.)

For swimmers becoming comfortable with independent swimming.  Swim skills include perfecting a straight leg kick, bilateral breathing, freestyle (with bilateral breathing), backstroke, and water safety. Swimmers will be swimming 10-20 meters. Can your child swim at least 20 meters freestyle with bilateral breathing?  If you answer is YES, then place in Level 4.

Level 4 (7-9 yrs.)
For the more advanced swimmer.  Swim skills include perfecting bilateral breathing, freestyle, backstroke, emphasize endurance, and water safety.  Swimmers will be swimming 15-25 meters at the completion of class.  Can your child swim the full length of the pool and does he/she know freestyle and  backstroke?  If your answer is YES, place them in Level 5. 
Level 5 (8-10 yrs.)
For advanced swimmers.  Swim skills include, swimming 25 meters freestylesw1 backstroke, breaststroke, introduction to flip turns and introduction to butterfly.  Endurance, breath control, swimming the entire length of the pool in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.  Can your child swim 25 meters without stopping?  Does he/she know the breaststroke and butterfly strokes?  If the answer is YES, place them in STROKE CLASS.

Stroke Class
This is a 45 minute class designed for the level 5 or better swimmer.  Classes will focus on stroke improvement, technique, endurance, turns and competitive stokes.  For more information call (913)888-9247 or email Becky at

Master Swim/Swim Fit
Is offered Tuesday and Thursday 9:15-10:15 am and Wednesday at 7:00-8:00pm starting in January 2016..  An on-deck coach leads weekly workout sessions which include stroke instruction, drill work and interval sets.   You should be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping.


The 68’s Inside Sports pool is designed for people of all ages.  The depth ranges from 3 ft. to 4 ft.  The water temperature is kept at 84 degrees.  Swim lessons, water aerobics, water walking and lap swim are available.  The pool is also available to rent for birthday parties or special events.

Lap Swimming
We have four lanes (25 meters) for lap swim.  Our goal is to schedule pool activities so that one lane is always available for lap swim.  If there is a lane open, it will be offered to our members.

If you have any questions, please contact