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The Elite Recovery & Respond Program is designed to help Elite athletes RECOVER from long and enduring seasons, while preparing their bodies to RESPOND to 68’s Inside Sports performance enhancement training.
The initial evaluation will determine the injuries the athlete sustained during the prior season. A full evaluation of the athlete’s joints, muscles, ligaments and/or tendons will be conducted by:
• Range of motion testing
• Strength testing
• Computerized Gait Analysis- Determine effect of injuries on gait cycle
• Digital Foot Scan- Evaluate foot stability/mechanics
• X-ray
Based on the results of the evaluation, if necessary, a Pain and Tissue Healing Strategy Driven Treatment Plan will be designed for each athlete. Some of the following treatments will be utilized to insure athletes return to the field safely:
• Cryo-Compression by GameReady
• Electrical Stimulation/Ultrasound
• Myo-fascial and Active Release
• Spinal and Joint Manipulation
The Strengthening and Stabilizing Treatment Plan is critical to insuring the athlete responds as effectively and efficiently as possible to 68’s Inside Sports enhancement training and is a proactive measure to prevent future injuries. The plan will be individually designed for each athlete and may incorporate the following:
• Neuromuscular Re-Education
• Balance & Proprioception Training
• Static & Dynamic Flexibility
• Functional Testing
After completing the Recovery & Respond Program, an exit evaluation will be performed to determine results and readiness to perform ballistic training. A report of the athlete’s status will be made up for the Athlete, Agent and desired parties designated by the athlete.
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