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Why Massage Therapy

Rockstar massage with Lacey Glover


I am a graduate of BMSI Institute. I have been a member of AMTA since 2004. I have been practicing massage therapy since June of 2004.
By incorporating different massage techniques, each session is customized to the individual in order to reach their health goals and needs. I have been trained in several different massage techniques including: Trigger Point ther- apy, Myofascial release, reflexology, accupressure, Ortho-Bionomy, Event sports massage, and Swedish.

During my 14 years of practicing massage I have worked on many types of clients with many different needs, including fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, migraines, neck and back pain. Young, old, healthy or not everyone benefits from massage.  

Increases circulation

Stimulates the flow of lymph Helps to reduce cramping and spasms Increases joint flexibility Improves range of motion

Reduces recovery time
Reduce muscle tension caused by stress Helps to relax muscles

Massage is more than a means to relax. Massage is another avenue to improve your overall heath, both mental and physical.

Introductory pricing:

30 minute massage: $40 

1 hour massage: $70

90 minute massage: $120 

Add Aromatherapy $10

Now offering “Rain Drop Therapy” $90