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FAST Performance Training

STEEL Performance Training (SPT)

 ATTITUDE     ●    FUEL      ●   VISION    ●     STRENGTH    ●      RESTORE

Pure Steel is a training methodology developed by Wes Wright using various forms of lifting techniques he learned over his 40 plus years of strongman training. Wes was a powerful both body and soul. He told it like it was and often used the saying “Lets do something hard today” to create a mindset for those he trained to do amazing things. Will Shields had the opportunity to train under Wes and has brought this mindset and training technique to 68’s in Pure Steel training. The training we provide changes and saves lives through techniques that will make you stronger physically and mentally. Wes believed that everybody should be strong because, the human animal is built for strength.  Pure steel  builds physical and mental champions.


Football         Baseball          Softball        Track & Field         Basketball         Soccer        Volleyball

Lacrosse            Rugby           Hockey               Tennis        Wrestling

SPT Training Program Pillars



It’s a mindset. Attitude is the one intangible that you can control every minute of every day.

“Weakness of attitude, becomes weakness of character”


The number one necessity the body requires to perform at its optimum level. Without nutrients there’s no performance.


The eight muscles of the eye start the visual, cognitive and motor function processes. Reaction speed, peripheral awareness and decision making under pressure is what separates the good from the GREAT.


SPT is sports movement training to become powerful. A thorough pre-hab regiment of arm care, mobility and agility exercises helps reduce the risk of injury. The STEEL modalities condition the athletes to be mentally tougher.

“Hanta Yo”


Replenishing the body & mind through sleep, re-gen, yoga and Fuel. Restore is the first step in preparing for the next game, practice or workout.

Classes & Training      

Youth Athletic Development

Our Youth program is based around speed & agility. These classes are focused on functional movement patterns, running technique, balance and lateral agility. Vision training is started in this age group, as well as, we also start to develop strength through body weight exercises.

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Middle School Strength & Speed

Areas of focus in this age group speed & agility development and introduce the athlete to basics of strength training. Athletes will begin using weights to develop strength endurance and learning how proper technique can help prevent injury. Speed and first step quickness will be focused on in our speed school portion. Footwork, lateral movement and balance are covered through agility drills. Vision training is progressed or started depending on how long the athlete has been with us.

High School Strength & Speed

The high school program builds a complete all-around athlete with sport specific movements included. Strength, power, speed, explosion, balance, agility, vision and flexibility are all a part of this program.

College/Pro Training

This elite program will perfect technique and develop a complete all-around athlete with sport specific movements and pro-level training. Strength, power, speed, explosion, balance, agility, vision and flexibility are all a part of this program.

Adult Fitness/Ladies of STEEL

Our PURE STEEL Performance Training Program is based around strength endurance and mental toughness. The program focuses are: strength, vision, balance, flexibility, agility and the ability to endure physically and mentally longer. Our unique apparatuses simulate specific movements while teaching and developing proper lifting & running technique to our less experienced athletes. Contact the class trainer for more details on their training style.

SPT: Vertical

Athletes will train at our warehouse facility performing a number of different exercises and conditioning drills.  We will utilize our VertiMax which is used from the professional NBA basketball player to the AAU level, no training equipment will do more to increase the vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a basketball player’s abilities to dominate the court. VertiMax will take your jumping ability, offensive and defensive mobility to the highest levels.


This program is designed to enhance running mechanics and speed. This will help the athlete prevent injury and improve performance. In these classes we offer the following

  • Evaluation
  • Form Drills & Running
  • Ladders, Cones, Sleds
  • Vertimax Speed
  • Core Strength     

Performance Coaches

Sports Training Director 


Basketball Performance -Vertical Specialist

Jack Thomas—