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Basketball LAB will Open Soon!!!

68’s FAST has three basketball courts available for member use, rentals, pick-up basketball games, clinics, camps and tournaments. Enjoy shooting hoops with your family, pick-up games times are set, or sign up for camps and clinics with experienced coaches. Court availability varies.

Adult  Pick-Up Basketball

Members and Non-Members can enjoy pick-up games during the following listed session times:

$5.00 dollar Morning session: Monday – Friday 7:00am to 8:15am
Mid Day Sessions: Monday – Friday 11:00am to 1:00pm

“Come play open gym on the weekend for $5 dollar” Friday 1130am to  2:30pm courts available  Sundays on (non tournament weekends) 9am-2pm

Monday through Thursday Guest fee $10.00
Non-Members will need to pay our standard guest fee –  $10 guest fee for the Court location. $15.00 guest fee at the Fields

Basketball clinics and camps are designed to teach the basic skills of basketball.  All players will work on dribbling, passing, defense and shooting as well as footwork and court positioning.  For more information regarding any basketball classes or lessons please contact Christina at

Private Basketball Instruction
68’s offers private, small group and team instruction with former college coaches and players.  Lessons are designed for individuals or small groups.  Team practices can cover basic fundamentals or whatever the coach is interested in their player learning.  Call Christina at 913-526-4193 for availability.

Why Dr Dish is the best tool for every basketball player APP DRIVEN

A great practice tool for individuals, pairs, groups and teams only offered at 68’s Fitness and Sports Training Facility. Dr Dish “All Star Version” rebounds and can pass to one of 19 spots along the perimeter

There are 20 pre-set shooting routines or players can set the routine by selecting location, shots taken at each spot, shots made at each spot, time between shots and several other parameters.  There is also an app that players can use to track their overall performance, total shots by day, week, month, year, percentages etc.  In order to use the Dr Dish, players and coaches will need a short class (5 min) on how to use it. By reservation only.  

Dr Dish basketball shooting machines not only run you through a workout and track every shot, but launch balls back to you—wherever you are on the court, at a tempo suitable for the drill and goal you have set.  This state of the art basketball machine collects both made and missed shots and passes them right back to your desired location and that’s not all! That means you can either practice game-speed shots, or work on repetition and muscle memory.

With Dr Dish, you can take up to 1,600 shots an hour. So you’ll spend your time where it matters—getting shots, not chasing down the ball.

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine connects to your iOS device using bluetooth technology.

  • Instantly receive workout results!
  • Track progress towards long term goals
  • Use pre-designed programs.
  • Programs can be built by the coach through the app

Dr. Dish is pushing the boundaries of what a basketball shooting machine is!

  • Scrolling text tells you exactly what to do
  • See shooting percentage by location real-time during the workout
  • Works off a remote control

Use Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine for insight on how to win more games!

  • All new easy to use coaches dashboard
  • View your teams stats on any device

Dr. Dish Rentals Include half court rental

  • 30 min /$50
  • 1 hour/ $100
  • Add a trainer/$35 per hour
  • Open Court sessions/ $20 per person  during Group Skills or drill pop up classes

Contact  to set up your rental today!


A one-hour training for teams consisting of 8-12 players meant to execute team offenses and defenses as well as sharpen individual skill work. The luxury of a full court allows drill work and team play to be exactly what players will see on game days. The time can be split for some individual and small group drills leading into team drills with the option to incorporate the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine and agility tools.

Training example programs

What’s a realistic training session? If you’re by yourself, take 50 shots using Drill #3 (about 4 minutes), Rest a minute, take another 50, rest. Continue until you have taken 250 shots (about 30 minutes).   If you have a partner: one person takes 50 shots then rest, while the other person takes 50 shots. Continue to rotate until each has taken 250 shots (about 1 hour).

Contact  to set up your rental today!

*All tournament rentals take precedence

Vertimax Training @68’s

From the professional NBA basketball player to the AAU level, no training
equipment will do more to increase the vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a basketball player’s abilities to dominate the court. VertiMax will take your jumping ability, offensive and defensive mobility to the highest levels.