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Pure Vision- Concussion



Dynavision D2™ High Performance Training 
The Dynavision D2™ is utilized with high performance athletes to improve the visual, cognitive and motor function.  D2™ software produces objective performance data for accurate baseline testing and progress monitoring. Numerous programmable options facilitate individualized training programs for athletes of various ages, stages and abilities. The following list is limited; however, provides examples of sport specific visual, cognitive, and motor skills that can be targeted with the D2™.


purevision_header4Concussion management with Dynavision D2
Dynavision D2 is helping to improve the “Return to Play” decisions being made by neurologists and coaches. The D2 is an important tool in helping to determine whether an athlete who has suffered from a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is ready to go back in the game.  Most importantly it tests the gross motor response to the stimulus and requires bilateral movement as well as a standing position where balance can be evaluated. To schedule a baseline test or for further explanation on the benefits of using D2 to evaluate and manage concussions email

Baseline Test Pricing
DV15Individuals— $15.00




Teams 10 or more receive baseline for FREE
D2pcPost Concussion Test Pricing: $25.00





D2158 Monthly Vision Sessions: $68.00 per month