Understanding Kabaddi Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

Understanding Kabaddi Betting: A Beginner's Guide

Kabaddi is an ancient Indian sport with origins dating back over 4,000 years. Two teams of seven players each take turns raiding into the opponent’s half of the court and earning points by tagging members of the defending team.

The basic rules involve raiders entering the defending team’s territory, tagging as many defenders as possible without getting caught, and returning to their half within 30 seconds. If a raider gets caught, the defending team earns a point. The attacking team earns points based on the number of defenders tagged before getting caught.  

The point scoring system awards one point for each defender tagged by the raider. Tagging all seven defenders in one raid without getting caught results in four bonus points for a Super Raid. Matches unfold rapidly with teams alternating between raiding and defending roles during the 40 minute game. 

Kabaddi combines intense bursts of action with strategic play requiring athleticism, coordination, and quick reflexes from participants. Matches deliver exciting back-and-forth entertainment for spectators.

Kabaddi Rules and Points System  

Kabadi game rules and scoring system

The kabaddi court is 13.5 meters long and 10 meters wide, divided into two halves for each team. Matches feature seven players on the court for each team and consist of two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute break at halftime. Teams alternate raiding and defending roles during 30-second plays.

  • Attacking Phase: A single “raider” player enters the opponent’s court to tag players and earn points before returning to their own half or getting caught. Raiders must chant “kabaddi” continually to show they are only using one breath;
  • Defending Phase: The raider tries to tag as many of the seven defending players as possible in one breath/raid without getting caught or pinned to the ground;
  • Point System: The attacking raider team scores one point for each defending player that gets tagged. If the raider tags all defenders, it is a Super Raid (four bonus points). If caught, the defending team earns a point.  

Kabaddi Tournaments and Leagues 

Kabadi championships and competitions

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is the premier professional kabaddi league, featuring eight franchises based in major Indian cities. Instituted in 2014, the PKL has driven kabaddi’s popularity in India and worldwide through a fast-paced television friendly format.  

The PKL season runs from July to October with double round-robin matches to determine the top four teams who progress to knockout semi-finals and the championship final. top raiders and defenders who emerge as stars of the intensely competitive league.   

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)8 franchisesRound-robin home and away matches
Kabaddi World CupNational teamsRound-robin group stage, knockout rounds
Dubai Kabaddi MastersNational teamsLeague round-robin matches
UK Kabaddi LeagueLocal UK clubsLeague home and away matches

Kabaddi Betting Options

Kabaddi Betting Options

Kabaddi betting offers a variety of wager types to suit different betting strategies and preferences:  

  • Match Winner: The most basic kabaddi bet involves predicting which team will win a match. Odds are set based on teams’ relative strengths;
  • Handicap Betting: Kabaddi handicap betting adds theoretical points to the underdog team’s score to level the playing field. Bettors wager on the adjusted outcome;
  • Over/Under Points: Here you bet on whether the total points scored in a kabaddi match will exceed or fall short of a benchmark set by the bookmaker. Go with over if you expect a high-scoring game;
  • Top Raider/Defender Bets: Wager on players to score the most raid points or defensive points in a match, similar to top goalscorer bets in football;
  • Total Raid Points: Predict whether the total raid points in a game goes over or under a line set by the oddsmakers. Raid points reflect one team’s performance.

Top Kabaddi Betting Sites and Apps  

The best sites for kabadi betting

The bet365 site and app stand out for offering extensive kabaddi match coverage, odds, and live streaming. The platform makes it easy to follow Kabaddi’s action while accessing their highly-rated betting services.   

Meanwhile Asian-centric sites like 1xBet, Dafabet, and 10CRIC cater especially to kabaddi enthusiasts with competitive odds, domestic payment options, and localized offerings. All reputable sites promote responsible gambling.

Site/AppKey OfferingsStrengths
bet365Competitive odds, extensive kabaddi markets, live streamingRenowned bookmaker with excellent reputation
1xBetWide variety of kabaddi betting options and Asian handicapsLeading site for Asian sport betting
DafabetFocused on Asian betting markets including kabaddiPopular in southeast Asia, offers Asian handicaps
SportPesaSolid range of outright and prop bets on kabaddiEstablished site, competitive pricing and live betting
10CRICSpecializes in cricket and kabaddi betting for IndiansLots of INR payment and withdrawal options

Kabaddi Betting Tips and Strategies  

Kabadi betting strategies to win even more

Successfully betting on the fast-paced sport of kabaddi requires research, understanding of the game, and sound strategies. Here are some tips for betting smartly and boosting your chances:  

  • Study Form: Analyze teams’ and individual players’ recent performances to identify trends in strengths and weaknesses. Homework pays off;
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Only bet amounts you can afford to lose without financial strain. Have a budget and stick to it without emotional chase betting;
  • Compare Odds: Check odds across multiple bookmakers to find and lock-in the best values to maximize returns on winning wagers;
  • Follow the Action: Tune into live streams or match trackers to capitalize on evolving dynamics with in-play betting opportunities. React quickly as matches develop;
  • Know the Surface: Arena surfaces like carpet or clay mat impact speed and tactics. Research how teams may adapt strategies to the surface;
  • Understand the Rules: Having a strong grasp of kabaddi’s unique format, point system, and squad rotation rules will pay dividends in your betting.  

Understanding Betting Odds

Understanding Betting Odds

Kabaddi betting odds represent an implied probability of the oddsmakers for a particular event outcome. These also let you calculate potential payouts on winning wagers.  

Lower odds like 1.10 indicate the bookmakers view that outcome as very likely to happen. These favorites pay out less as winning bets don’t overcome the high implied probability.  

Longer odds of say 3.00 indicate an unlikely event per the bookmaker. The lower probability is offset by a higher potential payout on winning wagers to entice bettors.  

OddsProbabilityPayout on $100 Bet
1.10Implied 91% chancePotential payout of $110
1.50Implied 67% chancePotential payout of $150
2.00Implied 50% chancePotential payout of $200
2.50Implied 40% chancePotential payout of $250
3.00Implied 33% chancePotential payout of $300